Chinijo ArchipelagoThe "Chinijo Archipelago" is made up of a group of islets known as La Graciosa, Alegranza and Montaña Clara, together with the East and West Roques.
However, only La Graciosa has a resident population of some 500 inhabitants dedicated to fishing and to a lesser extent to tourism. The southern coast of La Graciosa is blessed with beautiful, wide, red sand beaches, such as Cocina and Los Franceses. As well, the island's only settlements can be found here: Caleta de Sebo is the main village while Pedro Barba is a small tourist centre. Because of its environmental value, the Chinijo Archipelago, together with the impressive Risco de Famara, was declared a 'Natural Park' in 1986. Of particular interest is that the surrounding sea was also included as part of this protected region.

There are currently no hotels in La Graciosa but Caleta del Sebo and the tourist friendly settlement of Pedro Barba offer rustic pensiones or guest houses which remind one of the charm of rural villas in Spain. La Graciosa's main source of revenue comes from the fishing industry of the villagers and to the recent influx of tourists who come to the island to enjoy its warm temperate climate and bathe in its beautiful, sandy beaches.

Chinijo Archipelago


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